Thursday, January 4, 2007

Oasis Set For Colossal New Release In 2007

Noel Gallagher has put all the marbles on the table once again. He states that the next Oasis release, anticipated for 2007, will be "colossal". Gallagher said that the recent mini tour he and guitarist Gem Archer did in support of their best of Stop The Clocks have inspired his new load of songs.

"All the tunes I've written recently have been on the kind of acoustic side, you know? But for the next record I really fancy doing a record where we just completely throw the kitchen sink at it," he explained. "We haven't done that since 'Be Here Now' (1997 album). I'd like to get, like, a 100-piece orchestra and choirs and all that stuff."

The Gallagher brothers sing their own praise and hype like no other, but another Be Here Now wouldn't be too bad. Just don't make the album 129 minutes long.

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