Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chicago Gamer 003

Where or where has my free time gone. Once upon a time (more like week and a half ago) I had the time to burn through games at a rapid eight hours a day click. That can be seen as healthy or not healthy, but it was fun and dammit I miss it.

Now I find myself waking up at seven in the morning, having class at eight all the way to nine at night, studying my brains out, and the time I'm not at school you can find me at work. Not that work isn't bad and nor is school, hell I'm studying to be a game developer. I just want to sit down roam fields, smit dragons, and win back-to-back-to-back Super Bowls.

Man am I sounding like a whiner. I need to man up and endure through the pain. My birthday nears which means new games to indulge my fantasies in. I'm hoping for Final Fantasy V, the one game in the series I have never touched ever. Which is weird because I did have the Anthologies edition, but I only played VI.

I'm very curious about the game because it is seen as one, if not the best ever Final Fantasy. But all the cool innovations and growthes it had I have experienced. The job system was perfect in Tactics and jadeness my set in when I play it. The story was probably awesome then, but after winners like X or XII will it actually hit me the same way. The only way to find out is to dive in and play the damn game.

In other stories, game development at Depaul is getting screwing. I finally have graduated to Unreal engine. Designing levels is my thing and creating wacky ridiculous structures that don't play like the standard deathmatch levels is awesome. Screwing up is why it is so screwing. But you gotta fail to learn some. I'm sure hearing about my studying is not the most exciting thing on the planet. So I will end it there.

Chicago Gamer COMPLETE

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