Thursday, January 11, 2007

Track Review: Norah Jones

Norah Jones
"Thinking About You"
Not Too Late

Norah Jones is the VH1 exception. She is a pretty face who has won loads of Grammys with that typically boring Starbucks Saver CD sound. But Norah could pull it off. Her bluesy vocals and down tempo contemporary songs have soothed mine and many other souls.

It's already hard to pull off the secretary sound, but it's near impossible to have an enduring career with the one dimensional genre.

Norah's getting ready to release her third album, Not Too Late, later this month. Will Norah finally mix it up? The answer is no if you go by her leadoff single "Thinking About You." Jones sings about letting a guy go because she loves him but does not feel like she's receiving the love back. "You hold my hand, but do you really need me?" Jones' voice is still solid although it continues to decline into an ordinary voice. The supporting music is the same it has been for her previous releases -- laidback giving you a autumn vibe. Yaaaaawwwwn.

Norah Jones needs to steer her career in at least a semi new direction. Why doesn't she try hillbilly music out? How about a country covers album like Springsteen did last year?

If she doesn't change it up soon, she's going to find herself at a dead end. It's not too late.

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