Monday, February 12, 2007

David Cross and Stephen Malkmus - The Plug Awards

This write-up originally appears on Angry Citizen. It is used with permission granted by the Angry Citizen himself.

The 2007 Plug Awards was a disaster in terms of execution but redeeming due to the musical acts and the work of host, David Cross. There's a lot to discuss about the Plug Awards like J Dilla winning artist of the year, but for now I'm going to focus on one aspect of the show. That being the interview between David Cross as James "JJ" Lipton and Steve "Jebediah" Malkmus. David Cross is a certifiable hero in the "indie rock" set as evidenced by his duet with Johny Marr a few months ago, which I was lucky enough to record (watch it here). Cross continued to build on his folk hero status by portraying "JJ" Lipton and conducting a hilarious interview with a shy (or coy) but game Malkmus. Below are three videos spanning most of the interview in which we learn so many golden nuggets such as Jebediah's favorite curse word, dickweed, and favorite curse phrase "we're in a shit storm of trouble."

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