Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Skyzoo @ Bowery Ballroom 1/24/07

John is the writer on Angry Citizen. He is going to coincede his live reviews with us. So when he posts his reviews on his blog, they will also appear on here.

I got the idea from what Stereogum does with Village Indian.

Opening up for Clipse last Wednesday was Brooklyn's own Skyzoo. Skyzoo is a young gun on the scene trying to make a name for himself, which he's been doing by working with members of the Justus League and 9th Wonder. The hardest move has to be opening a show and rhyming to a sea of faces who aren't familiar with your material. You know when you see a new artist on stage and you can tell he or she has been on stage maybe five times in their life. There's that unmistakable look of desperation mixed with confidence on their face.

Hard moves aside, Skyzoo hit the stage, lifted up the crowd, and put us on his shoulders for the next thirty minutes. Skyzoo had the look of a veteran short on desperation and long on confidence. He was going all out connecting with every single audience member. If possible he would have walked the floor spitting rhymes for each and every individual present. But he couldn't on account of everyone being on his back.

He's also worked with Dilla and Premo to name a few. His flow definitely harkens back to '90's NY hip-hop without a whiff of nostalgia. He's all forward thinking and moving with an aesthetic reminiscent of O.C., AZ and even Murs based on his style and 9th Wonder beats. Skyzoo is at the point where he’ll continue to climb the ladder or fade into mix-tape obscurity. Who knows if he’ll progress past the mix-tap game, either way he’s worth checking out. Did I mention he's from Brooklyn?

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