Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Ponch Power Album: Exploding Hearts // Guitar Romantic

The Exploding Hearts are the first ones to enter the Ponch Power Album collection. I'll design posts around classic albums, all deserving the title of Ponch Power Album (PPA).

The Exploding Hearts are a pop-punk band out of Portland. Their debut (and only complete studio) album Guitar Romantic is a blitz of frenzied (whole album is 27:45 minutes) punk anthems. They are the most attractive punk band to a casual eye. The tunes throw a nuclear bomb on your head, and have a big league party inside.

Unfavorably, three of the members, bassist Matt "Lock" Fitzgerald, drummer Jeremy "Kid Killer" Gage and vocalist/guitarist Adam "Baby" Cox died in a disastrous car accident. The band were coming home from a San Francisco show on July 20, 2003 and their van angled off the road killing the three, but leaving one lone member, guitarist Terry Six, alive.

The tragic event came at an untimely time as well. The Hearts were picking up steam as they were ready to sign with Lookout! Records. Magazines, music labels, and the music stratosphere were all just becoming familiar with The Exploding Hearts.

Terry Six continued the legacy by releasing Shattered in 2006. Shattered is a collection of rare singles, early demos, and unreleased versions of Guitar Romantic tracks.

The death of The Exploding Hearts shattered the hearts of their followers, who knew that only more classic material could of been produced by the band. The Hearts are far and away the best punk group since the prime punk era of the late 70s. Just take the advice that Adam Cox lends you in "Modern Kicks". 'Hell is breaking loose, and I don't mind'. Rock on.

1) Modern Kicks
2) I'm A Pretender
3) Thorns In Roses
4) You're Black and Blue
5) Sleeping Aides and Razorblades
6) Rumours In Town
7) Throwaway Style
8) Boulevard Trash
9) Jailbird
10) Still Crazy

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