Friday, December 22, 2006

Chicago Gamer Entry 000

I'm twenty, a Depaul student, poor, and an avid obsessive gamer who has spent more time playing Marios then talk to girls. It's a sad fate that I hold. More recent sadness has afflicted my brother and I on where to take the blog. We both agree that there should be a videogame aspect to it, the problem being what. I could review games and talk about news, but how do I compete with the big sites in that arena. I have no cash nor do I have the resources to output even three reviews a month. Poop on that.

No I needed something unique and personal. A star in a cloudy night so to speak. After many sleepless nights (well that was because of game marathoning), I devised a plan to right a journal. Before you say 'orginal idea there Matty Boy' there is a spin to it. A simple concept of one man's life and the videogames that he loves intersecting, appearing, and manifesting themselves all around.

Still not convinced. Yeah well either am I, but I thought what the hell lets see where I can take this. I will write an entry ever week, probably ever Sunday. There I will recap the events that enfolded, the games that I played, and the problems/joys/misadventures they catapulted me into. Hopefully my brain, long turned to apple sauce mush from countless zombie like days watching 'Coach' reruns, can crank out wit, charm, and some informative nature of the gamer.

This is not really the first entry. It's more a less a prologue. Just a hint for what is to come....

Warning to family/friends/lovers/strangers you will probably appear in this blog.

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