Monday, March 5, 2007

Chicago Gamer 007

Sorry I have not posted in what has to be a month or so. Many reasons led to this: me being lazy, lack of games, lack of time, and probably most importantly not a damn thing to write about. I could have written about my life designing unreal levels, but that would have been filled with terms like dynamic lightning or static meshes. Which trust me you won't want to hear about (unless you like imaging blocks moving).

But I respond back because I do have something to say now. Recently my bud Andy lent me his Nintendo Wii. It took me awhile to convince because that meant I would get Zelda and that meant I would beat it and that meant I would beat it before him. So out of his stubborn ways he refused to give it to me for shallow bragging rights. But he came to his senses because I beat him down that I was the true Zelda master and that he was just a passing poe going out into the moonless night....

....That and he was busy reviewing games for his website so his Wii was sitting unplayed on his desk. It did take me long before I dove into Zelda was it was handed to me. Stupid homework and the lack of energy was just not there. To me Zelda is just not a sit down and play for thirty minutes game, its a long passionate affair that lasts seven hours a day for weeks. Knowing this I convinced myself that I must start this game when I have at least three hours to kill.

Here are my first impressions: controls are weird and unnatural, game is way to slooooooowwww to begin, and man did I like Wind Waker's world more.

Here are my impressions after ten hours: controls are actually good, okay finally I feel like we are getting somewhere, this world still lacks some imagination.

Here are my impressions after twenty hours: controls are slick as hell. I can't go back to the old games now. The sword swiping/nunchuking/thrusting actually works once you discover the complex moves. Wow these dungeons filled with new items and challenging puzzles are amazing. GIVE ME MORE. The world still sucks.

Report back later when I finish the damn game.