Thursday, January 4, 2007

Chicago Gamer 002

Portables are made for flights. Plain and simple, portable systems are made for long, exhausting, need-to-kill-some-time plane trips. So with my trusty DS in my hand I braved the dark gloomy skies of the midwest as I made my return to Chicago after a six week hiatus in Ohio. To be honest this journey was only an hour long, but that was more than enough to play a lot of Elite Beat Agents.

I packed my headphones in the wrong suitcase so it was not in my carry-on bags. Which blew because in order to really appreciate the quality of EBA, play with some good headphones. But I didn't and nor did I have a stylus to tap, drag, and spin with. Playing ghetto style I used a pen and blasted the music sky high. Too bad that did not work out all that well because my flight was at night. Everyone was sleeping and hearing "Believe" by Cher not only woke them up, but the I-hate-Cher attitude came to full bloom.

I actually tried to explain to the passenger next to me what the game was about in blind hope that he would reply, "Oh thats cool, yeah forget the grumpy remarks I said to you. Dance on my little pale white man." His real reply was a dead stare with piercing eyes that only suggested that he would take an axe out of his briefcase and decapitate my head.

Being the frightened little man that I am I shutup and tried to play the game on mute. Diastorous, humbling, and failing were some of the words that come to mind when I think of that playthrough. But I needed to play some more. I looked around and found a dark little corner in the back that nobody was at. Bingo, just use some of my Solid Snake stealth moves and I am there.

"Excuse me sir, the seatbelt sign is on."

Fuck a stewardess spotted me and fuck the seatbelt sign is on.

"I was wondering if I can change seats."

"Sorry, just sit tight we will be landing in about twenty-five minutes."

Thats twenty-five minutes I could use to beat "Canned Heat". "I understand that, but I just need to move. I promise you I won't die." Her look is starting to turn into the axe wielding passenger next to me.

"Look you are moving and the seatbelt sign says no walking. So whats the problem." Ooh nice one, Matt.

"No moving." Man she said that with some ice cold bitchiness. Fuck it, I will just relax saving up my energy for a latter game....

....and because I really don't want to lose my head.


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