Friday, January 26, 2007

Chicago Gamer 005

They don't call the Chicago the Windy City for nothing. The chilly gusts of air cut your face and make you feel like they have plummeted it in the Artic Ocean. No surprise my dumbass has forgotten both gloves and hats with only my coat to protect me from the howling winds. To perserve my heat I contort to a hunchback Rizzy the Rat position.

Just like the city has fallen over a frozen spell so has my gaming life. This is what I get when I go to college and have no money, resources, or time to do things. Instead I wishfully think about games I could be playing. This means me living out the games...

Take for example the newly released DS game Hotel Dusk Room. An interesting film noir game in which you try to solve a mystery in an adventure game mold. Lately I have tried to do the same. I pop my collar on my jacket, talk in a raspy voice, and try sly but unsuccessful hits on women. They are probably turning me down because my acting is an equivalent of a home made movie audition.

If living out does not work than there has to be another way. Sure enough I discover that DePaul actually has a gaming room specifically design to house newly released games. I have always known this actually, but in a moronic spin have never actually used it besides a couple Geometry Wars sessions. Ha so this is the treasure cove I have discovered and will devour.

There is just one itsy bitsy problem. Gaming to me is either a social occasion (read: Halo LAN parties) or a total isolated experience where I marathon longer than people averagely sleep. If I want to play Rogue Galaxy great, but that means I have to play next to I-eat-Cheetos-so-loud-guy or Watch-me-guys-I'm-playing-up-to-eleven Guitar Hero player, whom just so happens to be playing that loud making my game inaudible.

Single player gaming I dunno is a private thing to me. I hate when someone comes in and watches or askes the dreaded question, "What are you doing?" The concept of me explaining the plot of game is simple, but explaing what I am actually doing is so complex and convoluted you sound like a jackass before you start. For example, "Oh I'm just playing Okami where I press down the R1 button to call down a scroll that lets me draw things on the map that changes it. Now there are thirteen types of brushstrokes..." I have lost you there I'm sure. Man I went on a rant there, I apologize.

My solution is my birthday, headphones to zone out Guitar Hero prick, and a little social growth to get over my isolated views. Probably won't work though.

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