Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ponch Power Album: Diverse // One A.M.

Diverse (Born Kenny Jenkins) is a MC out of Chicago, who's debut album (and only official album) One A.M. is a force of confidence and cool. The supporting cast is one that any backpacker would cry over. Production coming from RJD2, Madlib, Prefuse 73, Overflo, and K. Kruz. While guest slots took by Vast Aire, Lyrics Born, and Jean Grae. There are lots of little guitar licks, jazz loops with sampled but live sounding drums that make you feel like the coolest cat in the hood. One A.M is a mere 41 minutes. When this album is toast, you just start from the beginning all over again.

1) Certified (Produced By RJD2)
2) Uprock (Produced By RJD2)
3) Big Game ft. Vast Aire (Produced By RJD2)
4) Ain't Right (Produced By Madlib)
5) Jus Biz (Produced By Prefuse 73)
6) Blindman (Produced By K. Kruz)
7) Explosive ft. Lyrics Born (Produced By RJD2)
8) Under The Hammer ft. Jean Grae (Produced By RJD2)
9) 747 (Flyin) (Produced By Overflo)
10) Interlude (Amberglis) (Produced By Prefuse 73)
11) Leaving (Produced By Prefuse 73)
12) In Accordance (Recorded live in collaboration with Jeff Parker of Tortoise and Ray Mazurek and Ted Sirota of Rebel Souls)

*The title of Diverse' in work sophomore effort is 'Round About. The production to be done by Magnif. Most likely other producers will join the wagon too.

Bonus Track: "Build" (Japanese Exclusive Bonus Track)

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Esteban said...

Man this is ridiculous waitin on roundabout, i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!