Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ponch Power Album: Seam // The Problem With Me

Seam were (Sooyoung Park actually played some shows in Chicago recently by himself) a Chicago band in the 90s. Vocalist/Guitarist Sooyoung Park delivers some of the most emotionally powerful songs of any time period on The Problem With Me. Almost every song builds up into eventual epicness. There are definitely some serious air guitar moments on this one. But the guitars are so melodic, but not only the guitars, bassist Lexi Mitchell anchors every song with that trademark 90s bass sound. Imagine the overwhelming bass of a Nirvana song much happier and warm.

1) Rafael
2) Bunch
3) Road To Madrid
4) Stage 2000
5) Sweet Pea
6) Dust and Turpentine
7) Something's Burning
8) The Wild Cat
9) Autopilot

Bonus Fact: Headless Ponch editor Matt considers Seam the best high school band he's ever heard that isn't actually in high school.

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