Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chicago Gamer 004

Funny how fast you get to know somebody by just having a conversation with them. Take a couple days ago I met a fellow gamer in my History of Animation class. I figured he was a fan by the way he dressed: baggy, shaggy, and sleepy. We both had a mutual friend in the class so we kind of became friends by default that we both wanted to talk to her. After plenty of conversations where we really were not actually having conversations we decided to get some dinner after class.

Steve, with his black thick as peanut butter hair, and I enter the DePaul Student Center to get the quickest bite to eat ever. The only reason we decided to get to eat was 1) we were starving 2) we were hoping Lauren our friend would join us. She didn't so all we could do was one-line comments followed by two minute silences. Cold to a icicle I veered to chicken noodle soup. Bad decision...

But, Steve and I sat down. After some quick talks we got to the conversation of Final Fantasy. If man, girl, monkey, sea creature says they like Final Fantasy they have just made a friend. I figure that if you like FF that means you are laid-back, imaginitive, and lack most social skills. Just the friends I am hoping for.

Soon enough we were joined by some of his friends: a moping gent, a loud brash WoW addict, and his bored girlfriend whom got excited once we moved to Pokemon and Zelda. Spirited debates, laughter, and all over some nice greasy nachos. The awkard dinner became actually fun. Lauren missed out on the fun.


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