Thursday, January 4, 2007

'The Cool' Will Be Made Like Easy Mac

The Emperor, Lupe Fiasco, was frustrated with early leaks of Food & Liquor (dude, it happens to all of us) and is going to have his sophomore LP, The Cool, hopefully be out by the summer. He hopes to limit the possibility of a leak by recording the album in "1 week".

"The timing is gonna be pop, pop, pop," he explained. "There's gonna be a lot of setup and a lot of preproduction on this album, so it's gonna be in pieces. But the pieces won't come together, seriously, until like three weeks before it comes out. We'll probably record everything in, like, a week. So we're just gonna get it all together, map it out, have it done to a T, and then go and record. Then fresh from the studio, fresh to mastering ... so it eliminates a lot of time and error that was surrounding [my debut]."

Personally, I think Lupe should either limit the producers he's used for Food & Liquor or have them take him to a new direction. Lupe's style is very witty and cool so bare bone beats like De La Soul could fit his flow. I thought Food & Liquor was good but every song felt the same, making the album feel tired by the end.

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