Saturday, January 6, 2007

Mirror, Mirror

The hype surrounding Arcade Fire's second album Neon Bible is exploding in the music world. Two songs to date -- "Intervention" and "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations" -- have found their way to the internet in some fashion. Both tracks have receieved generally great reviews from boys and girls.

"Black Mirror" is the newest addition to the Neon Bible family. "Mirror" was posted on by singer/songwriter Win Butler and is the first single.

"Mirror" is unfortunately the least impressive song of the bunch. I just don't understand where the band tries to drive the song. It's a mess of different instruments -- strings, piano, oboe sounding thing -- jumping in for the sake of jumping in. A basic melody that doesn't ever change and a really lame chorus don't help out Win and Co. either.

"Black Mirror"


Anonymous said...

then why the fuck did you post it?

Anonymous said...

Ya ya! Den vhy da fuk deed yu pohste eet?