Saturday, January 6, 2007


A perfect mix of current successes in pop music including Ciara and Amerie is brought to the table by Jersey native Natasha. Natasha is fresh and still a young'n -- she graduates from high school this year.

Her talent jumped out at producer Rodney Jerkins. Jerkins, a Grammy award winner, had Natasha do a routine/tryout to see if she could be the real deal. In just one go, Natasha had won Rodney over. He got her inside his own Darkchild studio and they layed down what would become her first two singles -- "Hey Hey Hey" and "So Sick".

"I've never seen a new artist like Natasha," says Jerkins. "She's already doing things that it took a decade for more established artists to learn."

Jerkins then signed her to Darkchild Entertainment, a subgroup of Jive Records.

Natasha has the momentum to her favor. Both singles are getting good airplay on radio stations. "So Sick" has Pusha T and Malice of Clipse lending a hand. The beat doesn't sound out of place with Clipse. In fact it sounds like a beat that would fit just fine on their 2006 release Hell Hath No Fury. It's a minimalist approach with just bass and hand claps. Natasha rides her verses with a high falsetto before diving into the chorus with swagger equivalent to Kelis.

Natasha is expected to drop her debut album sometime in 20o7. Expect the eyes to shift to the ready made superstar.

Watch the "Hey Hey Hey" video at the bottom of the post.

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