Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Islands Heading To The Studio

Nick Thorburn of Islands stated on the band's web site that in Februrary the band are going to hit the studio and begin recording on the follow up to the 2006 Return to the Sea.

The singer of the freewheeling group said that "it will trump anything that's come before it."

"The songs are all brand new, 10 minutes long with innumerable key & tempo changes, modulation, genre-meddling bombastic progressive rock existential death-defying dangerousness. I assure you, it will be good."

Thorburn, who has now dropped his previous alias of Nick Diamonds, said they even have more material they'll try to get too once they're done focusing on the first load. These songs being not ten minutes, but rather three and a half minute pop songs.

Nick's Message

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I can't wait for the new CD.