Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bowie Organizing New York Music Festival

The trendiest rocker ever Mr. David Bowie himself has organized the HighLine Festival. The festival will take place in New York City in May. The only confirmed act other than Bowie is Daniel Johnston.

Bowie has always been with the crowd and his current musical favorites show it. Bowie has publicily addressed his liking of Arcade Fire, TV On The Radio, and The Secret Machines. Could Bowie pull off the ultimate indie wet dream and get Arcade Fire and TV On The Radio in the same festival? Well, let's examine the chance.

TV On The Radio just recently announced a large North American tour. The announced dates end on April 21st. Check.

Arcade Fire announced a mini NYC tour in support of Neon Bible for the month of May. If you were like the most of us common folk and didn't grab tickets for the NYC dates, it's possible that Will and Co. could make a stop. Fingers crossed.

The exact dates for HighLine are set for May 9-19.

Let's also give a big happy birthday to Bowie who turned 60 on January 8th!

HighLine Festival Website

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