Monday, January 22, 2007

FREE Download: Jay-Z 1989-1994 Early Tapes

If you already didn't know, Hova didn't always have that cool as the other side of the pillow flow. In these early mixtapes he was more "animated like say a Busta Rhymes."

1. 1991 Freestyle @ Big Daddy Kane's B-Day Bash
2. '93 Freestyle
3. It's That Simple
4. Livin' It Up
5. Originators and Originators 99
6. Many Styles
7. My Kind of Girl
8. Can I Git Open
9. Hawaiian Sophie
10. What's In a Name
11. I Can't Git With That
12. Show and Prove
13. In My Lifetime (1st Version)

Full Album (Thanks to legendz @ the HipHopGame forums)


hoosteen said...

With humility: is there any chance of getting a reup on this?

Carrie said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

Could please someone upload the good version I once had but somehow lost while reinstalling Itunes? quality's terrible -.-