Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rolling Stones' New Guitar Gods

Rolling Stone granted a new set of wailers the title Guitar God. In no order:

Tom Morello
Jack White
John Mayer
Derek Trucks
John Frusciante
Luther Dickinson
Nels Cline
Warren Haynes
Jim James & Carl Broemel
Adam Jones
Kaki King
Mike McCready & Stone Gossard
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
Ed O'Brien & Johnny Greenwood
Chuck Garvey & Al Schnier
Matt Pike
Jack White

Didn't they list Jack White in their original list? I thought he was around #29. Who do you guys think they missed?

Metro Distortion has a video for each nominee. Read an excerpt from the new RS cover story.


tyler said...

Ben Chasny & Ethan Miller - Comets on Fire

Anonymous said...

i think some bad ommissions (considering some of the people that made it and shouldnt have) include:

Robert Randolph*
Kenny Wayne Shepherd*
Dave Navarro*
guitarists from Soulive, Blues Traveller, and definetly Incubus

all those guys would be shoe in's on any legit list (Blues Traveller you gotta see live to have any idea what i mean though, he Might be a stretch otherwise)