Friday, February 9, 2007

Poll Winner: Best Outkast Album

ATLiens was voted as the best Outkast album by racking up 28% of the votes. ATLiens would be my second pick behind Stankonia. It is the cool and truest hip hop album in the 'Kast echelon.

I like Stankonia the best because it was the perfect mix of all the sounds Big Boi and Dre were trying to pull together. Aquemini was them really getting funky and different, but still hadn't quite mastered it yet. Stankonia they mastered that super funky crossover sound that had all races, species, and sexes going bonkers.

Speakerboxxx/Love Below placed with 23% of the votes. Spbx/TLB was Outkast still going really out there, but I thought they just lost the touch and both Dre and Big Boi made highly inconsistent albums. If they collaged them for one album, maybe their best. Maybe.

The poll clearly illustrates the consistency of Outkast's discography, since pretty much every album was in the race.

Full results:
1. ATLiens 28%
2. Speakerboxxx/Love Below 23%
3. Aquemini 18%
4. Stankonia 15%
5. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik 13%
6. Idlewild 3%

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