Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Biggie Hits Collection Being Released

Bad Boy is issuing a Notorious B.I.G. greatest hits on March 6th. It marks 10 years after the still shocking death of the renowned MC. But how many songs are going to be on this? Turns out 17. He only released two albums while he was with us. Diddy do you really want to keep 'connecting' us to Biggie or does that new yacht need some revamping?

I really do hate greatest hits. It ruins the idea of an album and neglects the work put into making the album not just a collection of songs, but a story. Especially with someone like Biggie who put together albums. Read more here.

1. Juicy
2. Big Poppa
3. Hypnotize
4. One More Chance (Remix)
5. Get Money
6. Warning
7. Dead Wrong
8. Who Shot Ya
9. Ten Crack Commandments
10. Notorious Thugs
11. Notorius B.I.G
12. Nasty Girl
13. Unbelieveable
14. Niggaz Bleed
15. Running Your Mouth (New track)
16. Want That Old Thing Back (New track)
17. Fuckin' You Tonite

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