Friday, February 9, 2007

Lets Have A Professional Handle It

"1974 all over again," stated Roots drummer ?uestlove. He is speaking about his collaboration with R&B legend Al Green. The two have been working on Green's next studio album for up to two years now.

"If it were up to me and it was absolutely totalitarianism, I would live all my derivative fantasies out on this record. It would be 1974 all over again," the creative ?uestlove said.

?uestlove went on to say that he feels like veterans in the game feel like they have to evolve with the ever changing music world, but in actuality they should stick to what they do best. Read more here.


ian said...
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ian said...

?uestlove is great for art but TERRIBLE for commerce. It's clear he's prolly the single biggest reason why the Roots will never sell any significant qtys of records.

Al Green making a Hi Records c.1974 sounding album would appeal to maybe 30-50K afficianados out in the world but will just about guarantee that the good Rev. will be going for ?uestlove's neck when he sees the Santana's, Rod Stewart's and Tony Bennett's et al. toppping the charts with their duet type records while his fades into ether of obscurity.

Al should call Kanye....

Joe Lazar said...

YES! Gold Digger type stuff. Imagine Al Green instead of Jamie Foxx on the chorus.