Saturday, February 3, 2007

Big Boi & 3000: Go Take Care of Business Now

Andre 3000 is giving Outkast fans hope again. After Idlewild was an overall bad experience -- bad sales, bad album -- many were ready to grab the shovel from the garage.

But, wait a second. Dre has been appearing on a couple of remixes...rapping! When he rapped on Idlewild, say "Mighy O", he did not sound like he was having fun. The energy was lacking.

The remixes he has appeared on are Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's," Lloyd's "You," and UNK's "Walk It Out".

My favorite is "Throw Some D's," where 3000 does perfect stutters and flowing perfectly with the beat. This is a bad rip too (Thanks Ian). Imagine a high quality one? Yeah, that this is what we are talking about.

XXL hit it right on the button. Idlewild flopping must of finally knocked some sense into Dre. Now he needs to get together with Big Boi and prove that Outkast is still the band that were powerful enough to make us adopt a sub-language.

- "Walk It Out (Remix)" featuring Andre 3000, Jim Jones
- "You (Remix)" featuring Andre 3000, Nas


ian said...

I've got a perfect CDQ rip of the Rich Boy remix here

benjamin said...

best blog name ever.

Joe Lazar said...

thanks for the rip ian!

benjamin - i got it from a robot chicken episode.

Joe Lazar said...
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