Saturday, February 17, 2007

Arcade Fire Sneak Fans Into Show!!!

Win Butler is a hero. A fan of Arcade Fire wrote a long winding post about how he recently got into an two Arcade Fire shows in London.

The first night he was able to get in because some employees for Merge felt bad that he and his friend from Canada (London from Canada, wow) didn't get in. So they got them in for free.

The next night is just truly magical though. It outlines why Arcade Fire is the best band now. Long story short: fan tries to get in again, but can't land any tickets; Win sneaks out of the venue and motions him to come in; fan feels bad for others ticketless, so he brings the whole troop along; as Win and the 10 fans sneak into the venue, a tout tells them it is not allowed; then Win and fan fend off the tout as everyone sneaks in -- it even ends with a punchline.

Read the post here. (Arcade Fire write back on their Myspace wall!!!)

Visit here to see when you can buy Arcade Fire tickets for their upcoming North American tour. Chicago Theater -- here I come.


Joe Williams said...

yea, im hoping to make the trip too for the friday show and see animal collective on thursday. make a trip of it.

Joe Lazar said...

I'll probably go to the Saturday show -- hoping I get tickets.

I just listened to Neon Bible, and for some reason this time, it didn't sound like the album I was listening to before. I mean that in a bad way. Maybe it just sounds like that because it is 2 am. Please.