Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Slim Thug Busy With New Material

Slim Thug is currently juggling two projects. One isn't a Slim Thug album, but more of a More Fish type thing. Slim has been working with Boss Hogg Outlawz for a new album titled Serve & Collect. Hoyz N Blue members rap alongside Slim. Serve & Collect is being released on Februrary 27 on label Koch.

A sophomore effort from Slim Thug is also in the making. No report yet on if the Neptunes will be adding production like they did on his debut Already Platinum.

Tracklisting for Serve & Collect:

1. "Recognize a Playa" feat. PJ, Chris Ward, Slim Thug, Sir Daily
2. "Back 2 Front" feat. Killa Kyleon, Slim Thug, Sir Daily
3. "Boss Hoggin" Slim Thug
4. "Cheatin" Rob Smallz feat. Slim Thug
5. "Side to Side" Killa Kyleon, Slim Thug, Sir Daily
6. "Pockets Full of Paper" PJ feat. Slim Thug
7. "Give It Up" Slim Thug, PJ, Chris Ward
8. "I'm a G" Slim Thug, PJ, Young Black, Chris Ward
9. "Heat on My Side" Killa Kyleon, J Dawg, PJ
10. "Straight Outta Texas" Sir Daily, PJ, J Dawg
11. "For the G's" Chris Ward, Black, PJ, Slim Thug
12. "Keep It Real" Chris Ward
13. "I'm a Hogg" Slim Thug, Sir Daily, PJ, Chris Ward
14. "Ridin 4's" J Dawg feat. Slim Thug
15. "Wood Wheel" Sir Daily
16. "Got To Get It" Slim Thug, PJ, B Chris, Young Black, Chris Ward
17. "Plan To See" Killa Kyleon

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