Sunday, January 21, 2007

Q-Tip Readying New Album

Spotted on Billboard:

The respected MC from A Tribe Called Quest is working on a spring release titled The Renaissance. The always smooth MC hopes to steer hip-hop into a new direction by putting together what sounds like a band.

"I wanted a hip-hop sonic feel, something pure to the sound of hip-hop with real drums, real emotion and people taking solos," he told Billboard. "In that sense this record feels like we're moving in a new direction ... something hip-hop should do."

Q wants the album to be mostly guest free stating that "Sometimes guests don't really warrant an appearance." But he has put together a dangerously awesome trio to work with -- D'Angelo, Andre 3000, and Common (Could anybody post a current pic of D'Angelo for us).

Arista decided not to release the 2001 album Kamaal The Abstract, but Q-Tip owns the album and is going to officialy release it. Bonus tracks will be included for those folk who have the leaked copy from years back.

Q also spoke on the tour he did with A Tribe Called Quest last fall saying it felt good but doesn't think it is likely the group will reform for new material.


Anonymous said...

maybe he should put out an ep and get it over with... the wait is killing me...

David M Wall said...

GET IT IN MY VEIN!!! I NEED THESE HITS!... alright... I just have to say that this is one of the few artists that I would buy a whole album from unheard. I am dying for this new one~!

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