Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kele Okereke Spits Trash About Jack

Kele Okereke, the lead singer of Bloc Party, has lashed out at Jack White. Okereke states in the new NME that he was amazed "when Jack White said it wasn't his job to be critical about foreign policy because he was being paid to be an entertainer. I thought that was treacherous because it's complicit with the capitalist society."

I was not aware of this quote from Jack, but whatever. Not everybody has to be Bono, in fact, Bono has been losing his inner Bono. I like Jack because he continues the legacy of the blues in a more badass manner than anyone in the game right now. It would almost seem weird to me if Jack started busting out Kele like lines. For example, what would you think if Jack busted out "Tonight, make me unstoppable," {A lyrical excerpt from the new Bloc Party single "The Prayer"}? Those lyrics just fly right over me with their complexity. Read more here.


Listen to the new and unknown Bloc Party track "Secret" here.

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