Sunday, January 28, 2007

Justus League Do Have A Kryptonite

Spotted on Certified Hip Hop:

A shockwave of news is shocking backpackers and hip-hop heads everywhere. Little Brother producer, 9th Wonder, has stepped out of the trio. 9th had garnered a lot of attention in the group for sampling old 60s and 70s soul and bringing back an old-school vibe.

It doesn't end there. The other two members and MCs, Phonte and Big Pooh have denied rumors that Little Brother had been dropped from Atlantic Records. Instead they are currently trying to break away from the label.

"First, I want to say that Little Brother has not been dropped from Atlantic. At
this time we are in the process of negotiating our release from the label due to
a difference in philosophies," stated Big Pooh.

It could be easily argued that the group would of had to go in a new direction if they wanted to continue. 9th's sound can get repetitive when you listen to albums he has worked thoroughly on.

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