Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Get Lowe On Tha Tracks

Hello all, Ryan Lowe here. From this point forward, I shall join the ranks of Headless Ponch, dedicating as much trifling knowledge as I possibly can.
With indie music getting stale as of late, I have focused my attention on the various genres of electronic music that exist (not the lame ones, promise).

So......look for reviews of new (or old, or whatever I feel like posting) albums, EPs, and 12".

Sometime in the near future, I hope to do about an hour-long DJ podcast, so that's something to look forward to, I suppose.

A lot of the music I will be writing about and reviewing will be quite foreign to your casual indie-hipster, but hey, thats alright, yeah? One look at any 2006 year-end list of any of the better known indie blogs or websites yields nothing but safe, safe, safe. Fuck being safe, lets listen to some new music, friends. Its all about context. You'll see.

As a preview of music in the vein that I will write about, here is the song 'Seeing Through Shadows' by Loco Dice.



Joe Lazar said...

The vinyl crackle is great.

Where is Loco Dice from (location and decade)?

Ryan Lowe said...

Loco Dice is from Germany. He used to be more hip hop, I suppose, but he has gained a more techno influence over time. His decade is NOW.

P.S. - The vinyl crackle might be because this is a vinyl rip. Even so, it certainly gives it an extra sense of authenticity.