Friday, January 12, 2007

FCC Pushing For Indie Time

FCC commissioners are trying to put together a deal with the radio business that would put aside time for indie music to be played. This is the FCC not trying to be cool and pound their chest about their indie cred, but to quiet or settle the storm about major labels buying out radio more or less.

Recently, Sony BMG agreed to pay $10 million and stop bribing radio stations to play their artists.

Part of the deal the FCC are putting together includes letting radio broadcasters sail smooth. They would not have to confess about playing Paris Hilton over Arcade Fire.

But will this really make a difference? Will the 'time' put aside be at an actual hot spot for radio stations? Or will it be at 2 in the morning? Others are also disputing on what the definition of indie is to radio. Are the Killers considered indie?

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