Wednesday, December 20, 2006

HHTV: A Hip Hop Revolution

I sometimes watch MTV or BET just to feel hip or see if Ghostface is every going to catch a break, but I'm never satisfied with their musical choices. I'm just never going to feel the new Lil [fill in letter or name] with his new down south shit beats. It hurts my head (Sorry for the old man talk) and doesn't ever go anywhere. Plus, every dude sounds the same. There's that commercialization block that just shuts the door on creativity forcing artists with nothing to do but pop out garbage like "Shoulder Lean".

Enter Hip Hope Television. HHTV is an idea proposed and confirmed by a Queens College graduating student by the name of Ganiu "Scrills" Ladejobi. He like many others is frustrated that commercial hip hop is beginning to get stale and the business men/record labels are just into hiring someone with a look and is 'into the classics' for viewers on MTV or BET to say that Joebob Jenkins is for real. Then when "Drop That" stacks up the paper, the record label runs off forgetting the artist and hopes to keep putting out the most formulatic bozo tracks that without a doubt will get at least a #8 spot on 106 & Park but this time with the 'most hyped MC in the streets' Lil LJ.

HHTV is going to be the first online hip hop TV network. Starting on February 16, 2007 you can access HHTV which I suppose will be streaming the live shows (A staggering number of 20 shows per day) and you can then look back at the back catalog as the HHTV library begins to broaden.

Ganiu says to buckle your seat belts "because our revolution will definitely be televised.” Now don't sell out on us Scrills.

For questions/comments/suggestions on HHTV email Ganiu.

Source: Hip Hop Press

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