Monday, February 5, 2007

Prince Makes Everything Better

I'm surprised this is Headless Ponch's first Prince topic. Anyways, Prince played rocked the hell out of the Super Bowl halftime show.

At first, I thought "Let's Go Crazy" had some sound issues, but it obviously got resolved. He tore through a ten minute set which included "Baby I'm A Star", "Purple Rain", and covers of Jimi Hendrix and Foo Fighters. Yeah, definitely a wtf... at first.

Prince defiantly showed why everything needs more Prince when he did "Best of You" by the Foo Fighters. Originally, this song is all Vh1-ed up, leaning towards a rebellious secretary crowd. But when Prince does it, it sounded like a classic out of his back catalog. Everything really needs more Prince. Imagine FutureSex/LoveSounds with more Prince? Now we are talking about a great album.

"Purple Rain" had a ridiculous solo that was impossible not to air guitar to. Plus, it was raining adding a ironic effect.

As for the game, we got the bad Rex. And what's up with abandoning a successful running game with Thomas Jones? It seemed like everytime he got a carry he moved the chains. The last half was just an overall snoozefest, with the Bears offense doing the same repetitive scheme.

1st - 1st down with Thomas Jones
2nd - 5 to 10 yard Completion, building a drive
3rd - Hold on a second, isn't Rex Grossman your quarterback? Interception!

And what an anticlimatic way for Peyton to get his first ring?


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